Inside Contemporary Dance

#2: Yaara Dolev | The healing power of dance, communication, generosity, and creating a supportive dance community

October 25, 2021 Amit Abend Season 1 Episode 2
Inside Contemporary Dance
#2: Yaara Dolev | The healing power of dance, communication, generosity, and creating a supportive dance community
Show Notes

For this episode of “Inside Contemporary Dance”, I sat down to chat with the exceptional Yaara Dolev. Yaara is an award-winning Israeli choreographer, performer, and teacher currently based in Portugal. Her professional dance career began at the age of seventeen and was quickly propelled when she joined the Batsheva Ensemble, led by Ohad Naharin (choreographer and creator of the Gaga movement language), at the age of nineteen. She went on to follow her own artistic vision, forming a dance company with her then-partner, Amit Goldenberg. Throughout her Career, Yaara has danced for various choreographers, including Anat Danieli, Inbal Pinto, Barak Marshall, ‘Matanicola’, Rami Levi, Yossi Tmim, and Michael Getman. Currently, Yaara is teaching the ‘Gaga movement language’ and giving movement research and ‘Healing Embodiment’ workshops. Additionally, she is collaborating with other choreographers and artists from different fields around the globe. Current projects include movement research with Leif Firnhaber and the SiiPR Group, the D7, and the “Stage for life”. Throughout her career Yaara has received numerous awards, including the “Adami Prize” for Best Performing Artist at the Bagnolet International Dance Competition (Paris), the Ministry of Culture Prize for Young Choreographers (Israel), and the “The Tel Aviv Rosenblum Arts Award”.

During our conversation, we covered a variety of topics:
* The challenges and lessons learned from being a young dancer in a big company, and things she would have done differently.
* Her conviction that everyone has the ability to pursue a professional career as a dancer, despite teachers and doctors who might say otherwise.
*The healing power of dance.
*Her daily rituals, and her curiosity concerning personal growth and learning.
*Creating a supportive, honest, open, and generous dance community.

Yaara’s reading recommendations:
1) “Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich.
2) Poems by Rumi.
3) Quotes by American inspirational speaker and author Abraham Hicks.

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