Inside Contemporary Dance

#3: Lisa Mariani | Following your instincts, staying courageous and resilient in the face of challenges, and remembering to enjoy the journey.

November 23, 2021 Amit Abend Season 1 Episode 3
Inside Contemporary Dance
#3: Lisa Mariani | Following your instincts, staying courageous and resilient in the face of challenges, and remembering to enjoy the journey.
Show Notes

For this episode of “Inside Contemporary Dance”, I sat down to chat with my dear friend, and the beautiful dancer, Lisa Mariani.

Lisa was born in Cremona, Italy. Her professional education began at Scuola di Balletto Classico Cosi - Stefanescu, and was continued at Balletto di Toscana. She went on to receive a scholarship to train with the Peridance Capezio Center in New York City, where she graduated with Honors and Excellence in Contemporary Dance. Afterward, she apprenticed with Parsons Dance Company and began freelancing with companies and projects all around the world, working with choreographers such as Desmond Richardson, Robert Battle, and Igal Perry. In 2017, Lisa joined Balletto Teatro di Torino, where she has performed works by renowned choreographers such as Ella Rothschild, Andrea Costanzo Martini, Yin Yue, and Manfredi Perego.
Since 2019, she has also been a student of the Faculty of Motor Sciences, and she has been sharing her passion for physicality and the functional movement in various online projects.

During our conversation, we covered a variety of topics:
* Her brave decision to move to New York at 18 to pursue her career, and all the challenges along the way, including learning English from scratch, and having to spend a night sleeping in the streets.
* Her first experiences as a professional dancer in New York, the frenetic nature of freelance life, and the decision to pursue a career closer to her loved ones. 
* Her dedication to pursuing auditions and opportunities, doubts she’s had to overcome, the conviction that everything happens for a reason, and that every audition is an opportunity to learn and grow. 
* Putting together a video reel, audition applications, and choosing the “perfect outfits”. Is there a magic formula to get invited?
* Her experience dancing for Balletto Teatro di Torino.
* Rituals before performances.
* Her decision to start studying at the “University of Motor Sciences” in Turin, Italy, studying the mechanics of the body and working with non-dancers. 
* Her thoughts on a future after her professional performance career.
* How to balance work with private life and being with one’s partner. 
* Fighting the constant desire for more and “better,” and cultivating the art of happiness and gratitude for what is.

Lisa’s recommendations: 
1) “The thinking body” by Mabel Elsworth Todd.
2) Italian physician and coach: Filippo Ongaro.

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@Lisa MarianiII

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